For those like us love or want to fall in love with this small town.


For those like us, who love the beach even when it rains.


For those who love Caorle and its lagoon and want to teach the children the respect for the sea and for the environment.


For slow bike tours in the countryside.


For those who like to stand at sunset at the lighthouse on Livenza river to watch fishing boats and yachts passing through.


For those who like a cocktail at the end of the day and a good dinner in one of the old town center's restaurants.


For those who want to have their own space while on holiday, whether with family or with friends.


For those who want the quiet of a private garden.


For those who like swimming into the sea but also relaxing into the jacuzzi.


For those who think that wherever you are you should always look for the beauty and try to convey it to everybody.