We are people who love this place; we came here when we were young and over the years we have explored it and appreciated it for its most hidden aspects.


We would like to convey our guests these feelings, and that's the reason why we offer you an holiday based on well-being and nature search.


We imagined the accommodations to give you something more and different than the classic beach apartments. We have taken care of aesthetics, but also of livability too.


The rooms are spacious and bright, especially the bathrooms are small spa. You can relax in your private garden, pampered by extremely practical and comfortable cotton towels artisan Tunisian we will provide you.


The other key aspect we would like you to appreciate is the surrounding environment, and that’s why we recommend you to plan your holidays with From To Sands Rocks, a team of sports people that will bring you in the most hidden and charming places that will surprise and invigorate you for sure, thanks to the majesty of the nature with its very huge horizons.


After that, you will be sure to go home and relax with a warm shower or a bath in the jacuzzi, taking care of yourself.


Another aspect we care about and we would like to share with our guests is the deep respect we feel for the environment. The apartments are equipped with natural detergents from Provence and containers for separate collection ... the rest is up to you!

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